The PTA operates a Lunchroom on Tuesdays and Fridays.  On Tuesdays students can order Sushi. On Fridays students can receive an order from Little Oak Bakery in Karaka or they may purchase snacks from the tuck shop in the hall. Students wishing to place an order for sushi or the tuck shop line up at the school hall kitchen servery between 8.20am and 8.45am. Orders for Little Oak must be placed online at before 11.59pm on Wednesdays. All orders are delivered to the classroom by senior students just prior to lunch.  Price lists are available below or from the office.

We are always grateful to any parents who are able to help work on a roster to process the orders on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: The lunchroom is closed.

Tuesday: Sushi only.

Wednesday: Orders for Little Oak Bakery to be placed online before 11.59pm 

Friday 8.20am – 8.45am:    Snack food, drinks and Ice blocks available from the tuck shop in the hall – Little Oak orders delivered.

Sushi (Tuesday)

6 Pack
Vegetarian (V) 6 pack $ 8.50
Salmon (S) 6 pack $10.00
Teriyaki Chicken (C) 6 pack $ 8.50
Teriyaki Chicken (No Avo) $8.50
Salmon and Teriyaki Chicken (SC) 6 pack $ 9.50
Tuna (contains dairy) 6 pack $8.50
8 Pack
Vegetarian (V) 8 pack $10.50
Salmon (S) 8 pack $12.00
Teriyaki Chicken (C) 8 pack $10.50
Teriyaki Chicken (No Avo) 8 pack $10.50
Salmon and Teriyaki Chicken (SC) 8 pack $11.50
Tuna (contains dairy) 8 pack $10.50
Chicken and Rice Meal $ 8.00
Chicken and Rice Meal (No Mayo) $8.00

Drinks (Friday Only)

Sipper Top Hydro Water 600ml. $ 1.50
Cool Sips Berry Water 250 ml. $ 1.50
Cool Sips Orange Water 250 ml $ 1.50
Calci Yum 250 ml. Chocolate, Strawberry $2.00

Snacks (Friday Only)

Butter Popcorn $ 1.50
Doritos Corn Chips Cheese $ 1.50
 Cookie Time Cookies $ 1.50

Ice Blocks (Friday Only)

Juicies – Wildberry / Tropical $ 1.00
Moosies frozen milk shakes 85ml. Strawberry /Chocolate / Lime $ 1.50

Little Oak Karaka School Lunch Menu & Prices 2021

Tuesday Sushi Order Form 2021

Friday Tuck Shop Order Form 2021

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