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The PTA operates a Lunchroom on Fridays.  Students wishing to order lunch line up at the school hall kitchen servery before school, and parents wishing to help work on a roster to process the orders.  The food is delivered to the classroom by senior students just prior to lunch.  A price list is available from the office. 

Monday – Thursday: The lunchroom is closed.

Friday 8.20am – 8.45am:    Snack food, drinks Ice blocks and Pies, Pizzas, Sausage rolls


Pies (Friday Only)

Mince & Cheese $ 3.50
Potato Top $ 3.50
Mince Savoury (small pie) $ 2.50
Mince Pie (standard) $ 3.50
Hawaiian Pizza 125gm $ 3.00
Sausage Rolls $ 2.00

Drinks (Friday Only)

Sipper Top Hydro Water 600ml. $ 1.50
Cool Sips Berry & Orange Water 250 ml. $ 1.50
Calci Yum 250 ml. Chocolate, Strawberry $2.00

Snacks (Friday Only)

Butter Popcorn $ 1.50
Buffalo Corn Chips Cheese $ 1.50
 Cookie Time Cookies $ 1.50

Ice Blocks (Friday Only)

Juicies $ 1.00
Moosies frozen milk shakes 85ml. Chocolate, Lime and Cookies and Cream $ 1.50