Intermediate STEM

During terms 2 to 4 our Intermediate students participate in week long intensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) units.
2016 focuses were:
*  Marine Ecology (Save the Penguins)
*  Astrophysics – Space
*  Biology – Genetics
2017 focuses are:
*  Electronics – Robotics
*  Matter
*  Geology (Earthquakes & Volcanoes)
STEM focusses on teaching these disciplines together not seperately. Real world problem based leaning is used to connect the STEM subjects together. All units involve hands on activities and incorporate NCEA style assessment aspects.
It is based around the 5 E’s:
    • Engagement

    • Exploration

    • Explanation

    • Extension

    • Evaluation

One of our earlier STEM units was based on Electronics -Robotics  

A few key activities were focussed on:

  • Atoms and Electrons
  • Static Charges
  • Circuits
  • Robotics





The most recent STEM unit was focussing on Matter

A few key activities were focussed on:

  • Forensic Science
  • Chromatography
  • Physical and Chemical changes
  • Particle Theory


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